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Sprinkler System Audit Steps

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They say that prevention is better than cure. This holds water for sprinkler repair. Experts like Tyler Sprinkler are one in saying that the best repair happens when you have thoroughly identified beforehand the areas you need to improve before they could get worse. This is sprinkler auditing. It is a method of inspecting and measuring the efficiency of the sprinkler heads. Auditing conserves water, improves your lawn, and in this case, avoids you to have major sprinkler dilemma which can definitely incur you a big amount of money.

Sprinkler auditing should be rendered by professionals who have the knowledge and experience on sprinkler systems. They must be able to gather the necessary data and observation through their equipment. Also, auditing should be done on a regular basis in the preparation of weather and landscape changes.

Below are the processes involved in sprinkler auditing:

Evaluation of the site and the system Sprinkler auditors (as what they are also called) will have to evaluate the site with its system first. Notes about backflow, meter, controller settings, and water source are to be made in this phase. The new set of notes are also to be considered in a landscape like shade cover, sun exposure, types of plants and soil, and slope

Zones are to be inspected for issues at hand. Water flow is to be measured by a water meter at the same time placement of the sprinkler heads are to be determined for optimum performance and proper spacing.

Tune-Up of the sprinkler system Tune-up of the sprinkler system is the 2nd step of sprinkler auditing. It consists of correcting issues that surround sprinkler heads and its ability to deliver water. Each zone is individually inspected. Sprinkler auditors need to ensure that they are spraying incorrect manner. Also, auditors have to check that there are no leakages. If necessary, adjustments are to be made for the sprinkler heads, auditors should use the manufacturer’s manual for reference.

Testing of sprinkler system

Once tune-up is done, testing of a sprinkler system would be next. Sprinkler auditor will have to bring needed equipment for this phase like testers for water pressure.

Another equipment necessary for this procedure is to catch cans. The catch cans are to be arranged in a way that would check “health” of the sprinkler system. Once the cans are arranged, auditor runs the system for a certain period. The water caught in the catch cans is recorded.

Included in the testing phase of sprinkler auditing is a recording of sprinkler heads’ location, the spacing details, and pressure readings. Run time of the test is also included.

Calculation of system performance

This is the final step of sprinkler auditing. It involves a compilation of all data recorded. Once all data are gathered, the calculation is to be made. This is by far the most crucial as it will identify the status of the sprinkler. Math in these kinds of calculations are quite heavy, but auditors are very much familiar with them as they have acquired proper training.

Generation of reports is expected to commence after all the calculations performed. The sprinkler auditors will explain the areas for improvement. Had it not been for them, you would have become anxious to possible sprinkler problems.

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Great Signs in Replacing Your Old Fence

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Fence could serve a great purpose in protecting our property and giving us the best benefit of secured place for our kids and pets when they want to play outside. Of course, this will always depend on the types and kinds of fences that you have in your area and if it is suitable to the kids to be protected. Fence installation Tampa FL could be a bit expensive if you are going to hire someone or a service company to do this and install in your property or lot. You could actually do it on your own but that would need some time and you have to make sure that you have the complete tools and materials like machines.

Old Fence

You need to remember as well that a poor type of materials to be used in making a fence would cause a lot of trouble to you and your budget. It would need some maintenance as well to secure and make sure that everything will be in order and the things are properly installed to avoid accidents to your kids. It would give a nice try if you are going to replace them in case that they don’t look sturdy or strong anymore so that it would serve its purpose. Here are some of the great signs that you need to take into consideration to know whether you are going to replace them or not and when to change it.

There are some reasons why we need to replace our old fences and one of these is that when you see that the fence is bending or not straight anymore. That would automatically mean that it is destroyed or damaged or it needs a bit of repair so that it would look nice and better again and put back again. There could be some small reasons only that the nail is loosen up or the foundation of it is becoming weaker because of the different weather condition that it faces. So, while it is not yet collapsing better to replace it or repair the damage and don’t wait for the time that it will be completely cause some accidents there.

Another obvious sign is the discoloration of the painted color to the fence and sometimes it would predict that age or the time that it is built long time ago. Possibly, one of the great factors here is the different seasons and climate that your city is suffering and having so it gives an impact to the fence to decolorate. If there are some parts that are already broken or fallen down then you should give an immediate response to it in order to avoid serious problem in the future. Especially, if your city faced a calamity then after that it would be definitely be a mess and you need to undergo some repair to the different parts of home.

Doing the right thing to maintain them would be a good way to spend lesser money to the fence and it would give good assurance.

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